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Hi, I'm Suzanne

I'm so glad you're here! 
I've been guiding coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to write client-attracting books for over 10 years now, and I LOVE what I do. I've helped over a thousand people go from "I have no idea where to start" all the way to finally holding their book in their hands.

My philosophy 

I'm a book publisher. But not just an ordinary book publisher. My team and I will guide you to write a book that you can build a business around. (Psst... the money is not in the book sales! It comes from the new clients you get as a result of the book!)
Are you ready to get professional help from a company with a proven track record so you can FINALLY get the recognition you deserve and stop being the world's best kept secret?

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“Working with Suzanne was the greatest pleasure. Suzanne makes writing your book so simple! You should work with Suzanne. If you don't, you will wish you had. I tell everyone to use her whenever they say they want to make their dream of writing a book come true.”

anekia boatwright-mcghee

"This program was an answer to prayer, and the missing piece to the puzzle of externalizing what was in my head/heart.
Suzanne helped answer so many questions I had about where to start, how to organize my process and where to find the resources to see my book realized.
I’d recommend it a thousand times over!"

rheanna arfsten

I took this program and Suzanne walked me through step-by-step how to write my own book. If you've always dreamed of writing a book, I would totally recommend this program, and here's why: Suzanne is fun, she's funny, she's down to earth and she really helps you get it done.
I can't tell you how exciting it was when I got the first copy of my book and I held it in my hands. It was amazing! Even though I'd always had that dream,  holding the book in my hands was really a defining moment for me. I've since gone on to write another book. So now I have two books! Again, just using exactly what Suzanne tells you to do.
So if you're thinking about taking this program, go for it. 

candy motzek

Hi, my name's Julie and I am author of Build Your Space: How to Make an Accessible Home For You, Your Family and Your Future. I joined Suzanne's writing program because I had this book in my head and I wanted to get it out, but I didn't know how to do it. And that was my biggest fear was not knowing how to do what I really wanted to do. And... it happened! I wrote this book!
 My favorite part of working with Suzanne was the group coaching calls. The calls were really, really helpful because often people would ask questions that I had not even thought about. I would definitely recommend this course and Suzanne because she makes it happen. She believes in you and you can trust her to not just give you the tools, but help you learn all of the little tricks and the things that are going to make a difference so that you get a fabulous end product. Good luck with your book!

julie sawchuk

"I have learned so much from Suzanne. I loved this amazing program! With all the information she gave us right from the start, it was easy to decide what I wanted to write my book about. The tutorial videos allowed me to work at my own pace and I was so excited to work with a group of like-minded people.
You want to write a book? DO THIS!!!"

Rhona Parsons

"My biggest fear before joining the program was not being able to find the time. However, I was able to carve out the time and now I have a book written. Whohoo!
Also, Suzanne is incredible. She is not only an expert but a person you want to hang out with and learn from."

kim standeven

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